Q. Registration needed?

A. Internal's doesn't need to but external's has to register using the invitation link received from internal users.

Q. How to invite an external user?

A. Use Invite User button on the top right hand corner from Send File or File Manager menus.

Q. Do I need to check anything before inviting external users?

A. User registrations will be delayed or put on hold if the user's company doesn't have NDA with Qualcomm. So when you are in doubt please make sure with export compliance team.

Q. Registration issues/process?

A. Please make sure you followed the following steps. And report to us using contact us details below for any further issues.
Received and used the invitation link intended for you from internal user.
Submit your registration form.
Complete your email verification using the verification link received.

Q. Didn't receive email verification link?

A. Make sure to check your spam folder. You can request us for resending but make sure that there are no restrictions on your email server.

Q. How many files can I upload?

A. You can upload a maximum of 10 files per message. Total attached or uploaded files should not exceed 150 GB for 30 days.

Q. Un-Authorized or unable to download?

A. Make sure the download link is sent to you only, a forwarded download link won't work. Internals - Make sure the file is received on proper email only if you have multiple user names. Externals - Make sure you registered using invite link before proceeding for download. For any other queries or issues reach us using below contact us details in this screen.

Q. Supported browser?

A. Chrome.

Contact Us

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